Digital Printing

Why Digital Printing Is Right For You

SampleCollageWith the advent of individual PC's loaded with word processing programs and powerful design software for desktop publishing, came the need for a technologically innovative form of commercial printing. The solution was the birth of digital printing, which eliminated the need for film negatives, manual layouts, costly color proofing and the time consuming and expensive press make ready. Over the years, great strides have been made in this technology, so much so, that today the quality of digital printing rivals that of traditional offset printing, at a fraction of the cost. Digital printing is eco-friendly, reducing paper waste and the introduction of chemical pollutants into the atmosphere. If you require on demand, short to medium run printing, both color or black and white, wide format printing as well – or your job needs to be done same-day – or you just want to reduce your carbon footprint, then you should be printing your jobs digitally.
At Wholesale Copies, your stock options are limitless from light weight bonds to heavy weight covers, both coated or uncoated as well as wide format stocks in 44 inch rolls for your banner and display needs, and envelopes too! Our expert staff are available to assist you with your most demanding print jobs.  And our onsite bindery services are equipped to finish your jobs. Some of the most common items we produce for our clients include, but are not limited to:
    • Advertising and Promotional Materials – marketing and sales brochures, catalogs, self-mailers and envelopes.
    • Theatre – Playbills, programs, sheet music, scripts, flyers and posters.
    • Academic Materials – course packs and workbooks, teacher training manuals, course handout materials and school directories.
    • Conference Materials – Loose leaf binders, printed tabs, training books, handout materials, tent cards and signage.
    • Stationary Items – business cards, forms, note cards, pads, announcements, invitations and envelopes.
    • Membership Newsletters, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, bulletins, directories, questionnaires, reference guides and reports.
    • Wide Format – posters, banners, signs and displays, window applications, wall murals and retractable display stands.